Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Dad,

Father, You left me over a year ago, and i still cry, i hate that you have never seen me go off to a dance, or get ready for a date, You have chosen to leave your beautiful family, and i deep down hate you for that! You messed up my life, i no longer have the ambission to try my hardest cause you wont be there to say good job. You have messed with my mind, for me to think im not good enough that you couldnt suck it up, and swallow your praid and just stay around, im going to be driving soon, and oh hey you didnt teach me how to, you have no idea how much hurt i have on the inside, i hate when people ask weres your dad? Umm? He commited suiced? i dont want people feeling sorry that my father didnt have enough resepct for his family, to stay! Well you know what! Were struggling and and you have every part in it! You make mom cry all the time, and then she gets mad. and im right there to watch! Well i hope your doing better! cause we sure as hell will with time, for our hearts to heal!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


i dont really care if you talk to other girls, but i really dont want to hear about them. i dont care if she calls you cute, but when she starts telling you that im really lucky to have you, and you can tell me exactually what she looks like. just kinda pisses me off, im not trying to be a bit*h about this hole situation, its just erritating.and it doesnst help our relation ship, and that im grounded and i cant even see what she really looks like, or atleast tell her to have the desency to stop. ughh... Its hard even more that theres an age differance, your younge and i dont want you too feel stuck, and i want you to injoy your 8th grade year, and i dont want to feel like im holding you back from injoying that with all of my high school activities.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Im a newly aunt, and lets just say its amazing to watch my nephew grow up right befor my eyes, its like hes my little brother. But i dont always have to watch him, My sister and i growing up we werent the closest, i found myself more attached to my brother Cody, he has ALWAYS been there, well so has my sister dont get me wrong, but my sister and i fought alot more, over stupid things too. Cody and i fought also but it was over who got the prize in the ceral box. but family is family, and i wouldnt change mine for the world!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I have been friends with you for six years, just because i have a boyfriend now doesnt mean that you dont exist. i switched schools so of course im going to make more friends, you are like my little sister and no one will replace you. I may hang out with other people more, and i may call other people my best friends. but you dont need to start flipping out on me and my boyfriend. i love him. and i love you too, but you arnt always going to be my number one, you have my bestfriend not my boyfriend.
So Please STOP!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


They trully do not get what they are talking about, they say that we shouldnt make mistakes, but what they dont get is that we want to. We want to live our own lives and have fun our own ways. They think yelling is that best way for us to hear everything when it trully is the worst. and i cant help but feel as if i have no way out of my mothers life, she gets mad way to fast, and i shortly feel that the way she "talks" to me will split us apart.
What should i do?!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beauty isn't everything.

The world beautiful is hardly used instead society uses hot,sexy, and finee. Guys over judge girls so they feel less important and feel bad about them selfs. Guys don't get what girls go through everyday. We feel like were not good enough.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Get your head on straight, and keep focuse. nothing will stop you if your get your act together. team work is key, and you get a better out come when everything works out between you and your team mate.