Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Dad,

Father, You left me over a year ago, and i still cry, i hate that you have never seen me go off to a dance, or get ready for a date, You have chosen to leave your beautiful family, and i deep down hate you for that! You messed up my life, i no longer have the ambission to try my hardest cause you wont be there to say good job. You have messed with my mind, for me to think im not good enough that you couldnt suck it up, and swallow your praid and just stay around, im going to be driving soon, and oh hey you didnt teach me how to, you have no idea how much hurt i have on the inside, i hate when people ask weres your dad? Umm? He commited suiced? i dont want people feeling sorry that my father didnt have enough resepct for his family, to stay! Well you know what! Were struggling and and you have every part in it! You make mom cry all the time, and then she gets mad. and im right there to watch! Well i hope your doing better! cause we sure as hell will with time, for our hearts to heal!!

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