Friday, October 7, 2011


i dont really care if you talk to other girls, but i really dont want to hear about them. i dont care if she calls you cute, but when she starts telling you that im really lucky to have you, and you can tell me exactually what she looks like. just kinda pisses me off, im not trying to be a bit*h about this hole situation, its just erritating.and it doesnst help our relation ship, and that im grounded and i cant even see what she really looks like, or atleast tell her to have the desency to stop. ughh... Its hard even more that theres an age differance, your younge and i dont want you too feel stuck, and i want you to injoy your 8th grade year, and i dont want to feel like im holding you back from injoying that with all of my high school activities.

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